Jon Darby, Managing Director, Secure Health

Jo Emmerson, Education Works Programme Director, ELBA

I have been working with Andy Barrow, in my role as Programme Director for Education Works in East London. A talented and inspirational facilitator, Andy has developed ‘The 3 Cs programme’ working with some of the more challenging young people within our schools’ programmes. This programme allows us to provide activities that raise the aspiration of young people with Special Education Needs (SEN), who, like us, are inspired and motivated by Andy himself, as a facilitator and as a role model. Each of Andy’s ‘3 Cs’ sessions are tailored so that students’ professional outlook is transformed over the course of the programme. Simple icebreakers, individual and team activities (which push the group out of their comfort zone), and lots of visual aids make for an amazing student experience.

We were delighted that recently Andy agreed to be our key speaker at the recent Mentoring Works 20 Years event, where our guests enjoyed hearing his own story of success.

Personally, I enjoy working with Andy and have huge admiration for the work he is trying to do in educating and inspiring young people on overcoming adversity. He is creative, energetic, innovative and passionate in his work, I have learnt from him myself and believe others will benefit from working him.

Marcus Winsley, Director for Trade and Investment, British Embassy Thailand

Stephen Holroyd, Principal, Shrewsbury International School, Bangkok

Andy has worked at Shrewsbury International School, Bangkok for two years now and has proven to be an inspiration to students, parents and teachers alike.

His track record in international sport speaks to his determination, motivation and skill set but he is also able to convey his life journey in a fascinating and challenging way.

Andy has opened the eyes of the Shrewsbury community to issues of discrimination and I warmly and wholehearted recommend his life’s work and example to fellow Heads and Executive Committees.


Paul Rotheram, Director of Sports and Activities, Shrewsbury International School

Andy Watson, CEO, Ageas UK

Natalie Cramp, Programme Director, Team London

Andy Barrow joined us at City Hall with a room full of teachers to discuss the power of volunteering. Andy opened the event, and as he painted a picture for the audience, you could have heard a pin drop. Andy captured everyone’s attention as he talked about the hundreds of volunteers who had supported him as a Paralympian but then brought it right back to that first volunteer who supported him after his accident and what that individual’s support had meant to him. He managed to capture so beautifully the positive impact that giving your time can have on someone else, he definitely inspired many to sign-up to get started. Aside from the speech, Andy was so personable, friendly, easy going and genuinely passionate about supporting young people, it was a pleasure to have him with us for the afternoon.

Gill Hopkins, Brooklands College

Andy’s talk was inspirational in every way and it was obvious that he had prepared well for his visit because his speech was pitched at exactly the right level for our students.

Andy talked about his determination to succeed and identified the key behaviours to this success, such as good teamwork, respect for others, dedication and hard work. He emphasised how important these behaviours were in everyday life so that the students could identify with this and see the relevance in their own lives.

Andy’s speech was interesting and informative and the students were very engaged. I would thoroughly recommend Andy as a motivational speaker.

Beverley Neal, Learning Mentor, Thamesview School, Gravesend, Kent

Thank you, Andy, for truly inspiring our year 7 students with your motivational speech. It was a joy to see how engrossed they were in your words, which both moved and uplifted all who listened. Whilst it was necessary for you to relate your personal story, it was done with sensitivity; it enabled the students to understand how it is possible, with hard work and determination, to overcome adversity and achieve your dream

Lyn Nicholls, Ageas

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