Andy goes Rally Driving with Spinal Track

Trying new things is what life is all about…. and besides, it can’t all be work work work!

I love new experiences so when my good friend, Nathalie McGloin asked if I’d like to spend the day rally driving, I jumped at the chance.

Spinal Track is a charity that Nathalie and her partner, Andrew Bayliss set up to offer track days and rally experiences to disabled drivers. They provide adapted cars and specialist instructors to allow people with disabilities to experience the thrill of operating a racing car – And they do all of this for FREE!

I had an amazing day employing my questionable driving skills to test the instructors and equipment to the limit ad would highly recommend Spinal Tack to anyone with a yearning for speed. You can find out more about the charity and Nathalie other projects at the links above.

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