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Case study: Chaucer Syndicates



3C's Challenge "Confidence Focus" Event, Willowfield School 2016

3 Cs Challenge “Confidence Focus” Event, Willowfield School 2016


To help their workforce identify with the London 2012 Paralympic Games, Chaucer Syndicates sponsored Andy during his training. In return, he did athlete appearances, gave “lunch and learn” style workshops and wrote blog posts for the company. After he retired from wheelchair rugby, Andy started working with their new charitable foundation, where he was tasked with developing a programme for employees to volunteer on as part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) offer.


In 2014, Andy launched his 3 Cs Challenge – a series of sessions based around Confidence, Communication and Compromise – that teach young people the importance of teamwork and develop the key skills they need to become great team players. Chaucer’s employees now help Andy run his 3 Cs events across London for young people with challenges. This year, Andy is running nine such team-building days with plans already underway for 2017.


Students improve those soft skills that compliment their academic learning and are vital to their social development and employment prospects. Employees benefit too, getting stretched out of their comfort zones by teaching skills like effective communication and conflict resolution to the young people. As part of this process, they learn about their own performance in terms of leadership through taking positions of authority at the events and are then able to bring these skills back to their own teams.

Andy’s 3 Cs Challenge has been hugely successful and is about to enter its fourth year.

“At Chaucer we have a special relationship with Andy, having supported him in his training and build up to London 2012. We were so impressed with the impact he made on our employees that we wanted to continue our relationship and worked with him to help set up the 3 Cs programme, now the Chaucer Foundation’s flagship volunteering programme.

Feedback from everyone involved in the programme; the young people, teachers, parents and Chaucer volunteers, has been fantastic and it has delivered some remarkable improvements in the social interaction of the young people. Andy continues to inspire everyone who works with him and we are proud to have him as an Ambassador of The Chaucer Foundation.”

Kevin Iles, Chairman of the London Chaucer Foundation Committee

“The 3 Cs programme, allows ELBA to provide activities that raise the aspiration of young people with SEN, who, like us, are inspired and motivated by Andy himself, as a facilitator and as a role model. Each of Andy’s ‘3 Cs’ sessions are tailored so that students’ professional outlook is transformed over the course of the programme.  Simple icebreakers, individual and team activities (which push the group out of their comfort zone), and lots of visual aids make for an amazing student experience. For the Newham-based young people we work with at ELBA, we have seen incredible growth in both self-awareness and aspiration – thank you!”

Jo Emmerson, Education Works Director, ELBA

Case study: Athlete Inspiration Programme


The country is facing a childhood obesity crisis and young people lack “core” skills such as communication and teamwork. Andy believes not enough is being done to tackle these issues.


Andy co-developed the Athlete Inspiration Programme in partnership with Royal Greenwich as part of the London 2012 Legacy.

Since 2012, he has been running workshops for schools in Greenwich and surrounding boroughs, targeting key stage 2 in the education sector and covering themes include wellbeing, nutrition, resilience and teamwork.

  • Keep the momentum – Find out why an Olympic/Paralympic Games is so special and what it means to an athlete to be involved in one. Revisit the Olympic and Paralympic values and learn why it’s important to apply them to every area of your life.
  • Fuel your passion – All about nutrition from an athlete’s perspective and learning to develop a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise, including a disability sport themed PE lesson.
  • Team spirit – Focuses on wellbeing and the importance of teamwork. Also highlights the non-physical benefits of exercise. Includes a practical communication exercise and is a great introduction to the 3 Cs.


Young people find it really powerful to learn from an athlete who had exactly the same opportunities as them, because they grew up in the same area, and went to the same or a nearby school.

  • Children make the connection between hard work and achievement and raise their own personal aspirations
  • Children increase their general awareness of disability and become more aware of the positive effects of a good, balanced diet
  • Children learn how to work with others in a team environment, and realise the importance of never giving up

“Andy is an inspiring and fantastic speaker and has been motivating Royal Greenwich young people through his brilliant assemblies and workshops. It has been great to work with Andy in a developmental way to improve health outcomes for young people. Andy’s contribution from the start to finish of this project has been well thought out and very committed.  He is a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with.”
Michelle Moore Head of Partnerships and Development, Royal Greenwich Children’s Services

“Andy inspired the children to realise that any obstacle can be overcome. He showed them we can achieve if we want it enough and are prepared to work hard. The children thoroughly enjoyed his visit and took on board his important message.”
Yalini Carlsson-Ruban, Headteacher at Conway Primary School

“Our children were truly inspired by the speech that Andy gave. He was extremely entertaining and the children were captivated by his speech. It is so important for the children to have role models and Andy has become just that to many of our students.”
South Rise Primary School

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