Andy uses his story within education to illustrate the importance of a positive attitude and strong work ethic as well as teaching techniques to help students overcome challenges and perform under pressure.

This role overlaps with his previous experience of motivating and coaching young people in his various ambassadorial and mentoring roles. You can also find a few pictures of Andy’s sessions in action at the bottom of the page.

Education Workshops at a glance

These topics can be adapted to suit any level of students, from infant school to university, as well as in a range of environments form small groups to whole-school assemblies.

The Athlete Inspiration series (Prep/Juniors)

  • Take The Opportunity: A biographical piece that enables young people to learn about disability and having a positive attitude to life. This presentation is also an introduction to the subsequent workshops.
  • Fuel Your Passion: All about nutrition and developing a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise, as well as a “disability-themed” PE lesson.
  • Team Spirit: Focuses on wellbeing and the importance of teamwork, as well as highlighting the non-physical benefits of exercise. This workshop includes a practical communication exercise. It is also a great introduction to the 3Cs Challenge (see below).

Striving To Succeed (Seniors)

  • The 3 Cs Challenge: These sessions are all about preparing young people to work well in a team environment. The 3 Cs are confidence, communication and compromise; because strong team players need the confidence to communicate and the ability to compromise. This workshop is well-suited to students in years 7-9.
  • Performance Plus: A series of sessions based on a student approaching their exams, as an athlete would prepare for a major competition such as the Paralympic Games. Broadly, this covers preparation/overcoming challenges/marginal gains/performing under pressure. This is especially relevant for students in years 10-13.

Wellbeing and Personal Development (various ages)

  • Resilience and failure: These sessions are designed to empower students to prepare themselves for high-pressure situations in education and beyond. By allowing “meaningful failure” as early as possible, students learn various coping techniques to enable increased resilience and performance under pressure, when it really matters.
  • Social Action Projects: Andy gives students the tools to identify, explore and implement extra-curricular activities in their local communities. This, therefore, enables them to become more involved in their local environment.
  • Dedicated Q&As: Andy is happy to run smaller, dedicated sessions to explore any themes set by the school as well as any of the themes listed above.
  • PSHE Sessions: Open discussions around disability, celebrating difference and challenging stereotypes to enable students to embrace and celebrate their uniqueness.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (various ages)

  • “Wheelabout”: A practical activity to allow students to become more aware of what it is like to need to use a wheelchair for everyday activities. In addition, a reflection session follows to discuss findings and explore their own attitudes towards disability and how they can improve access.
  • Inclusive/Parasport: Andy runs physical education sessions to give a greater understanding of how sport is played with a disability. The games also form a great alternative basis to emphasise wider concepts of sport including communication and finding space.

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