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Shrewsbury International School asked Andy to help students:

  • Understand the importance of hard work, perseverance and resilience
  • Learn the techniques elite athletes use to approach and overcome challenges.
  • Examine perceptions and attitudes towards disability and difference.


As someone with huge knowledge in the field of elite sport along with the insights and experiences of living with a disability, Andy was uniquely placed to create a series of bespoke workshops for Shrewsbury International School designed to:

  • School assemblies and dedicated Q&As
  • Diversity and Inclusion themed PSHE sessions
  • Interactive Nutrition Masterclasses
  • Practical “Wheel About” exercises and Para-Sport PE lessons


After Andy’s visit, students showed a better knowledge of the various characteristics and skills that strong individuals and great team players possessed. Their exposure to positive experiences of disability (a first for many of them) gave them a greater empathy with those different from themselves and made them understand the strength that diversity can bring to a situation.

Finally, students reported that Andy’s workshops had given them an improved sense of perspective and a greater appreciation of the opportunities available to them if they continued to work hard at their studies.

Staff at the school were also extremely pleased with the results of Andy’s visit. Here’s what principal, Stephen Holroyd said:

“Andy has worked at Shrewsbury International School, Bangkok for two years now and has proven to be an inspiration to students, parents and teachers alike. His track record in international sport speaks to his determination, motivation and skill set but he is also able to convey his life journey in a fascinating and challenging way. Andy has opened the eyes of the Shrewsbury community to issues of discrimination and I warmly and wholehearted recommend his life’s work and example to fellow Heads and Executive Committees.”


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