Testimonial: Shrewsbury International School

Andy speaks throughout the UK as well as overseas, where he works closely with International Schools, producing a bespoke programme of workshops and activities to maximise the value of every visit.

For example, in January 2016 Andy visited the Shrewsbury International School in Bangkok, speaking to 60 promising athletes aged from 8 to 18 on the school’s elite sport programme.

He spoke about his experiences in Paralympic sport as well as the need for resilience and perseverance in the pursuit of excellence.

Andy was asked to return for a week in September 2016, where he created and delivered a series of bespoke workshops for the whole school. The sessions centred around changing perceptions and attitudes towards disability, celebrating difference and diversity and inclusion.

Also, with obesity on the rise in Asia, he delivered his Fuel your Passion assembly to Year 6 pupils, educating them about the importance of healthy eating and physical activity.

He spent the preceding month in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand meeting and presenting at other schools and organisations, such as Sri Sangwan School for Children with disabilities, Montford College, SKAL and Chiang Mai Expats and Rotary clubs; with the view to start discussions about increasing the opportunities for people with disabilities in the country.

Just as Andy works closely with staff, he also understands the importance of students taking ownership of the sessions that he delivers, so he is currently liaising with senior prefects at Shrewsbury to create the greatest impact and ensure a lasting legacy from his time there.

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